The Legacy [Volume 2]

The-LegacyIf you have not seen the first series of this show then stop reading. Seriously. Go and buy or rent series one and then come back and read this. For all of you who read my review of the first season or have already seen the first series but not the second stop and go buy the second series now.

The family is still as dysfunctional as ever and just like the last season you can go from loving to hating a character in the blink of an eye. Yes there’s dysfunction but in this season there’s a deeper emotional exploration between family members. The show’s ability to toy with your emotions is nuts. I also have to credit the magnificent acting skills of Carsten Bjørnlund (who plays Frederik Gronnegaard), whose portrayal of a man in crisis is just off the wall. He really is the character to watch this season.

Since receiving the inheritance Signe has boarders in the house and is working on turning Gronnegaard into a hemp farm. Gro is still trying to get Emil out of a Thai prison and Frederik’s demons threaten his sanity, family and Gro’s life. Lets not forget the eccentric Thomas, he is busy with a new daughter called Melody and a partner who is struggling with the baby and her mental health. The main change this season is that there’s no focused narrative – such as last season’s “who gets the legacy?”

In my review for the first series I wondered if answering who got the legacy was going to be a nail in the coffin à la Who Killed Laura Palmer? Now that  premise and it’s twisty-turny nature  is out of the way the show is just a thousand times better. It still relies heavily on complex love/hate relationships, immense drama – seriously if my family was like this I’d have quit them ages ago. The first series felt like The Killing or Bridge with its various slants, just minus the murder. This season it sheds that aspect and really comes into its own with each character and their flaws and strengths further examined not just around the inheritance.

The Legacy is simply great viewing. In an era where reality TV and the internet are shortening attention spans, movies are watched on cellphones, film as art is dying it’s refreshing to watch something so poignant, realistic, dramatic, and human; and also be extremely addicted to it.

The show is getting an American remake (I said it would!), and has been green-lit for a third season which can not come soon enough.

Available on R4 DVD from Madman Entertainment.


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