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“Rock and Roll is really about two things – it’s about ‘I don’t give a fuck’ and ‘fuck you!’” – Mojo Nixon.

A documentary about comic books might seem a little odd but these weren’t your everyday comic books, these were rock ‘n’ roll comic books, these were unauthorized, these were guaranteed to piss people off and like Mojo said, they didn’t give a fuck!

Todd Loren, the genius behind the comics, didn’t give a fuck either, upsetting musicians, artists, fellow publishers, all while making a buck, exploiting others and creating a niche for himself and his company, Revolutionary Comics. A comic nerd/music nerd who got his start holding comic conventions, Loren soon moved onto to mail order selling “collectables” – t-shirts, badges, programs, bootleg items before combining his two loves, rock and roll and comics and hitting the jackpot straight away with a Guns ‘n’ Roses comic that was given a huge boost when Axl Rose mouthed off about lawsuits, sending all the collector nerds into a frenzy.

From then on this is the story of a man pissing people off, both within the music and comic industries while giving new artists a chance to show off their work (even as he exploited their naivety), challenging the system, making bucks and having a good time. While he used the first amendment as his defence, this film doesn’t try and present Loren as a shining white knight of free speech, instead it shows that while, yes he did believe in free speech, he also used it for his own ends and at times he could be spiteful, shifty and a cunning bastard. He was also a man who loved his music and loved his comics.

With an array of talking heads, including his father Herb Shapiro, artists and writers like Jay Allen Sanford, Spike Steffenhagen, Scott Jackson and Robert Williams amongst others, publishers Denis Kitchen (Kitchen Sink) and Gary Groth (Comics Journal) plus the likes of Alice Cooper, Cynthia Plaster Caster and Mojo Nixon as well as Loren himself it’s a good look at just what an impact these comics had.

Tragically Loren himself was murdered in 1992, his father Herb discovering the body and though the case was never solved many believe he may have been Versace’s killer Andrew Cunanan’s first victim. The mix of animation, comics, talking heads, news stories and Todd Loren outtakes makes for a an entertaining doco and the shitload of extras, over two hours worth, including extended interviews, TV clips, an art gallery of comic covers, coverage of his murder and more besides will excite the nerd inside anyone.

  • Alternate and Extended Interviews
  • TV Clips
  • Commercials
  • Trailers News Stories
  • Comics cover art gallery
  • Liner Notes from Rock’n’Roll Comics co-creator Jay Allen Sanford

DIRECTOR(S): Ilko Davidov | COUNTRY: USA | YEAR 2010 | DISTRIBUTOR(S): MVD Visual / Wild Eye | RUNNING TIME: 84 minutes | ASPECT RATIO: 1:33:1 Full Screen | REGION: 0 / NTSC | DISCS: 1

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