Tom Six Interview


Crimson Celluloid: Human Centipede must be one of the most original ideas to grace a movie screen for quite some time, how did the idea come to you?

Tom Six: The idea came from a sick joke I made watching a child molester on TV. I said they should stitch his mouth to the ass of a very fat truck-driver as a punishment.

If I had one criticism of the film it would be the title. Did you ever have any alternate titles in mind?


The film was notably bereft of any humor (unless you count the old pervert making lewd comments to the girls), did you worry the film might be too intense?

I knew when I wrote this script lots of people would be repulsed by the sick idea. But that’s for me were all the fun is as a filmmaker I don’t like to make movies where nobody would talk about so it can never be too intense for me.

Despite the graphic violence and confronting themes the film is very tame where it comes to nudity, why was this?

I didn’t want any sexuality involved into the story.

Are you concerned that now you’ve made this extreme horror film people will be expecting you to top yourself and be more shocking with each subsequent film?

Well I am shooting part 2 now in London UK and I promised myself and audiences everywhere part 2 will be way more extreme. Part 1 will be my little pony compared to part 2. I love making controversial films as long as they are original. Each film will be different and you can’t please everyone each time, so we will see.

Ashlynn Yennie told us that Dieter Laser remained aloof and in character for the most part during filming, what was he like to work with? He is a very compelling figure on the screen.

I admire Dieter a lot, his acting style, his intense charisma, his soul. He was born to play this character Dr Heiter and he gave it a 1000 %. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better actor for this part.

What do you believe are your strengths and weaknesses as a director?

My strength is I think my charm to get actors over their boundaries and take them to the next level. My weakness is I always want to hurry up, do the next shot or scene.

What memories do you have of working with the three lead victims?

These are three actors with huge balls. Most actors only want to be pretty in films, but they are real actors and gave it all to me. So I have only great memories of working with them everyday when shooting.

Which filmmakers have influenced you?

Pasolini’s Salo and the work of David Cronenberg. These directors are really big influences.

If you could go back and change anything about the film would you?


You have been receiving quite a bit of good press from the hardcore horror fans. What have your experiences with the fans been like? Any bad experiences?

Luckily the hardcore horror fans are really surprised by the sick story and most of them like it and for those who thought it was to soft wait for part 2. A lot of people want me shot or sterilized on Facebook but I know for sure they are no horror fans.

I like films that are bleak and depressing, and the ending of the film really stays with you. Did you always have a sequel in mind or is it something that only came about due to the success of the first film?

I had so many more ideas when I wrote part 1, but I first wanted the audience to get used to the sick idea and now that they are I can go full force and use all the other ideas I had in part 2.

What are your feelings about the porn-parody Human Sex-ipede

Love it. Only the successful films from Hollywood are turned into porn parodies so I am really proud.

What can you tell us about the sequel?

It will have a 12 person human centipede and the tag-line is 100% medically INaccurate. The rest I will keep as a surprise.

Do Dutch people ever get tired of jokes about? fingers-in-dykes? and dutch ovens?

Luckily I never hear those jokes being said to me.

Thanks for the great film experience, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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